The back hall divides the downstairs reception rooms from the service rooms. The general quality of fittings are noticeably more basic as you dog-leg below the stairs leaving the grand public area and enter the servants domain. The ceilings becomes lower, wooden mouldings become more basic, door fittings turn from ebonised wood to plain brass. Motice locks turn to rim locks. The change in fixtures, fittings and general status is immediate. The back hall is small but provides the access to the storage under the stairs. It also serves as a cloakroom area and is a major artery for both plumbing and the comprehensive alarm and telephone system because there is concealed cavity access to all floors from here.

This is the cupboard under the stair looking from the kitchen door. Naughty children can be offered a short stay here. I have not yet carried out such a threat.

It began with a hole and it got bigger. The plaster was not very well attached to the laths so it was off with the plaster.

I have another chance to perfect my plastering skills. This time I am quite impressed with myself.

Oil refinery? Not quite, but this is under the floor hatch and is the junction near the rear of the boiler where water and gas are supplied and hot water and heating services are distributed to the house.