The bathroom is in its original location and relatively small and narrow but adequate. The suite we acquired with the house was circa 1980 but all of the wooden panelling was still intact and has now been restored. A Victorian reproduction suite has been installed since the original one was obviously long gone. Wallpaper and paint is now Morris & Co and the floor is traditional linoleum (Marmoleum).

Here is the bathroom as it was. Note the original wooden panelling and there was evidence of a high level cistern above the current WC.

It was given a lick of fresh paint paint as a temporary measure, then we did nothing for years.

It was not quite as bright as it looks in the photo!

The plaster between the stone and lath sections kept cracking and so all of the plaster and laths were removed - very messy. The paint on the panelling was stripped to the bare wood.

The walls and ceiling were insulated - mainly for sound and then sheeted in plasterboard.

Reproduction or salvage high level cisterns were too large and the original must have been offset so the high panels were lowered and we compromised with a low level cistern.

A painted reproduction mirror and recycled marble shelf are positioned at the basin. The ceramic pictures are from Finland.

It is impossible to balance anything on the edge of a roll top bath so the bath rack is essential. Toilet seat is heavy oak and definitely not soft-close!

The Heritage bath is extremely heavy and it took a huge effort to get it up the stairs, but worth the sweat.

The Sanitan basin is big and deep. Taps and waste are Bristan 1901 range.

A reproduction nickel towel rail was installed and the light pull is a bit of a homage to the old high level cistern.

The bath has been painted with Morris & Co woad eggshell.

All exposed pipes are in chrome plated copper.

It's a radiator valve!

Bog roll holder!

Bristan 1901 range mixer head.