This is Joanne's room. Although it has good orignal features, we have made some significant changes. First of all the beautiful fireplace was ripped out (shock, horror!), and secondly the original cupboard doors are also removed. Let me justify my actions here. The fireplace restricted the ability to place furniture in the room and we did not have an original fireplace in the dining room so we decided to move it there. The cupboard doors were removed and the cupboard was enlarged to a suitable depth for a wardrobe. A new door was used because the existing ones were a perfect replacement for those missing from the master bedroom. You will see that the new wardrobe was given a custom five panel door made to exactly match those throughout the house. Hopefully I have justified my acts of 'vandalism'.

This is the fireplace in the bedroom. The surround is cast-iron. After the excitement of the find in the master bedroom I was hopeful about what lay behind the hardboard panel. Within 2 minutes of the find in the first bedroom I had this hardboard panel removed too, and...
Wow! Another great original fireplace is revealed.

The wallpaper is stripped, the walls are emulsioned and the fireplace is eventually removed to the dining room.

The wall and the floor are made good. The hearth was bedded on a large slab of slate which required a lot of effort to remove. The slate is reused as a seat in the garden.

The cupboard is brought forward by about 6 inches to make it a suitable for a wardrobe and the old facings are patched and reused.

Architectural salvage just laugh at me when I ask to see their five panel doors. I resort to making one myself. At least this way I can get a very good match to the original ones.

The door is hung and all that remains is a bit of tidying and decorating. The old doors are used to replace the missing ones in the master bedroom.

The new door is painted and looks almost like it is original. The rest of the room is redecorated.
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This is a wide angle view of Joanne's room after the wardrobe was created.