Euan's bedroom is the smallest of the four bedrooms, but it is a fine rectangular shape. There has never been a fireplace in this room, but it has only one section of external wall so it may not have been too cold in pre-central heating days.

As it was. There was some really old linoleum beneath the old carpet in this room.

Very little needed done to this room to make it presentable. The wallpaper is removed, a quick lick of emulsion, a carpet donated by friends is laid and it is ready for Euan.

There were four different samples of old floorcloth/linoleum that we kept when the floors were stripped. Sadly they were thrown out by preservation contactors who thought they were rubbish. Fortunately I had photographed the linoleum from this bedroom. Maybe someone can date it. It is most probably made locally in Kirkcaldy. My guess is that this sample is late Victorian.

Euan's room is the smallest bedroom. Bright colours, bunkbeds and lots of storage make this a busy little room.