The main room on the top floor (the fourth bedroom) has a very large floor area. However, the ceiling is coombed and the main ceiling height is below seven feet. It is a very useful room and houses a train set, a hi-fi, computer, and a double sofabed for guests. This room has an original fireplace which is a single piece of cast iron. Access to the eaves front and rear is through small doors. There is a dormer window to the front with great views over the Forth Estuary and towards Edinburgh. This room had clearly not been used for decades and the wallpaper was peeling off and was removed before I had a chance to get my camera out. The old distemper seemed to adhere to the wallpaper better than to the wall. Originally the room would have been a sitting room and bedroom for house staff. Many of the old bell cables terminated in this room, presumably so that the servants could be called easily.

This is looking towards the back of the room where there is a small panelled door giving access to the eaves at the rear. Note the fireplace to the left.

This is the view from the back of the room towards the dormer. There is a small access door into the eaves at the front.

The room has been given a lick of paint. It is now home to Euan's train set.

The room is also used for the computer. This is where I have spent hours hacking together this website. There is a sofabed to accommodate guests.

My old hi-fi is here so I can still listen to my vinyl collection. Some of my old Warhol posters are also hung here so I can really indulge in the past.