The back garden is a good size and is bordered on all sides by a high sandstone wall. At one time this garden has been very attractive and well kept. At the age of 92 the previous owner was not able to keep it under control and so it was somewhat overgrown when we acquired it. There was only a small section of grass and the original layout was not ideal for children with bicycles etc. Therefore we decided to completely redesign it. We were able to retain most of the mature trees, notably two old apple trees. A lot of plants and shrubs were transplanted. We have learned that the old shed was used as a hen house during the war. Unfortunately it had badly rotted from the base and could not be saved.

This is the garden when we moved in. The shed is actually in the top right of the garden and is completely overgrown. We did not realise it existed until our second viewing of the house.

Looking towards the house. The grass is to your left, the path is in the middle and a flower bed to the right. You will just have to trust me on this one!

Closer to the house you see that the kitchen windows are almost completely obscured by shrubs. The level of the red chips was found to be higher than the level of the kitchen floor. The ground has now been lowered. Despite this there is no major damp problems in the kitchen or utility room. There were lots of really large snails in these shrubs.

The shed (or hen house) was discovered once the undergrowth is cut back (you cannot see it in the first picture in this page). It is quite attractive but found to be in bad shape. The bottom has completely rotted and the frame has twisted.

The old shed is tipped over ready for demolition. Despite the sections of rot, the old shed puts up a good fight against my sledge hammer.

The transformation begins. The ground was cleared, a patio is created, grass is laid and we create an area for the kids to play. Two old Victorian clothes poles were bought and set into the ground.

The play area is completed and covered with chipped bark and the garden borders are tidied. The chap on the left is Goliath.

The top of the garden gets quite a bit of sun and a raised deck is built to add some interest and to catch the last of the sun. The garden can now be enjoyed by playing kids and wine sipping adults.

What could be behind this door?