The first floor landing is of modest proportions. It has a total of six doors. All of the wood had been grained (see first 2 pictures). Over the years the graining has been chipped, scratched and has flaked and cracked in areas. The later pictures are after the doors were stripped and the graining was redone. This was a mammoth task but proved worth it.

This is the view from the first floor landing looking down the stairs. The large stair window has attractive yellow and ruby glass border. The patterned glass has subsequently been replaced by etched glass of a Victorian geometric design.

Here you see the door to the top stair on the left. The door on the right is a cupboard under the stair. Between the two is an attractively shaped alcove.

This is the landing from the stair after the graining (see link) and decorating (see link) were completed.

The alcove is restored and decorated as a feature and it's shelf is marbled. The vase is from the Louis Mulcahy Pottery in Ireland.

All of the plasterworks was restored and new (well actually old) light fixtures were fitted. The large chandelier is chained to the joist above the ceiling.

This is the bathroom door. There is little wall space on the landing due to the 6 doors and the majority of it is seen here. A pressed brass frame and brass mirror and brush fill these spaces and add interest.