The lounge (or parlour to use the Victorian term) is nicely proportioned with a large bay window. Ceiling heights on this main part of the ground floor are almost 11 feet. There is a useful shallow cupboard on the fireplace wall. Eventually I will strip the fireplace back to the original slate and replace the insert with a salvage or reproduction piece of the correct period. I suspect that the addition of the piping on the ceiling and the 'modernisation' of the fireplace was part of a parlour restyling operation possibly 1905-1925 (educated guess so any input on this will be gratefully received).

Large lounge, small boy. This is the lounge when we had just bought the house. The wall paper was quite fresh c1980?

Cornice is in good order, clearly it has been embellished from the original (the piping and corner boss is an addition) but this is well done and certainly not recent.

The fireplace surround is original (black slate beneath the paint). The tiled insert is not original, but is certainly not recent. Good quality wood graining has been applied to all woodwork and the fireplace many years ago.

Nice bay window with wooden panelling complete with old storage heater.

A quick lick of emulsion onto the old wallpaper and the lounge is transfomed.

A new hardwood floor is fitted after old bitumen paint scuppers our attempts to sand the original floorboards.

The furniture from our previous house is not ideal but it does for the time being. This is the lounge immediately after we moved in during November 2000.

Christmas 2000. The tree fits nicely into the bay window.

Christmas cards are sent to our old address but thankfully the post office redirect them here.

Christmas day and Santa manages to find the right house (he has a choice of chimneys to come down). Euan (4) seems more than happy that Santa managed to get the motorbike down one of these chimneys.

By contrast this is Christmas 2001. The small boy is bigger and there are minor changes to the room.

The Christmas tree still looks good in the bay window. Brother and sister pretend to like each other for the sake of the photo.
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