This is a good square room which retains the original fireplace and an old, possibly original, picture rail. The recessed cupboard is missing the original double doors, but this is later fixed using doors from the second bedroom which are the same size. You will see my final solution to the missing doors in bedroom 2. In time we will use this room as a sitting room and restore it's Victorian character.

As it was with old carpet, curtains, wallpaper and a storage heater in the fireplace. The original cupboard doors are missing but the fireplace was a hidden gem.

This is the fireplace which has a wooden surround. When we bought the house the hardboard panel was in place. It was still sealed with paint so none of the other prospective buyers had seen what lay behind.

Bingo! I was overjoyed when the hardboard is removed and the original cast-iron fire inset is still there. The tiles on the hearth match those in the fire inset. The floor is sanded and stained, and the wallpaper is emulsioned as a temporary measure.

The fireplace hearth tiles include two beautiful 4" square hand-painted scenes. Here is a photo of one of these tiles. I am no expert but suspect that they may have some moderate value. However, they belong on the hearth and they will stay there.

The cupboard doors were missing, but I have now replaced them with those from the second bedroom. I am sure they are a perfect match to the original ones because the old hinge marks prove that there had been two doors here and I had to shave only about 5mm from the sides of both to make them fit.