The utility room (or scullery) is one of my favourite rooms in that it has been pretty well untouched for decades. It is now used as a laundry room but none of the original features are to be removed and I intend to restore what I can. The old Belfast sinks are really quite practical even today. The water will be restored to the taps and means that we can make do with a relatively small sink in the kitchen.

The old scullery has two original deep Belfast sinks at the rear windows. The drains are in good order and water will be restored soon.

The old mangle is made by Webb and will be restored (the proper crank handle is all that is missing). Any dates or details on the mangle will be gratefully received. One of the original brass plugs is seen sitting on the window sill.

This is looking into the utility from the back door. Note the ornate cast shelf bracket. Two more of identical design have been rescued from the c1920 garage and will be used in the restoration. I suspect these were originally taken from the house since the design is not 1920s.

This is the original Victorian wooden lock on the back door. It has now been restored and new keys cut. It still works well and is in daily use.