The vestibule is relatively small. The floor is laid with "encaustic" tiles that are typical of the period. The front door is of the same five panel design repeated thoughout the house. The original door lock is still in place and I have had it restored to working order including getting a key cut for it. The first 3 pictures were from 2001 and the last 5 pictures are from 2007 after restoration and decoration. The Bradbury & Bradbury paper is a copy of a Morris & Co. pattern commisioned for the decoration of St. Jamesís Palace. Queen Victoria must have liked it since they were invited back to decorate several more spaces, including the throne room, with the design in different colour ways. If it is good enough for Vicky's throne room it is good enough for my lobby!

The cornice is quite attractive and will eventually be painted sympathetically.

The mosaic floor is complete and undamaged. It will scrub up very nicely.

The original lock was still attached to the front door. It has now been restored along with the heavy security chain. We did not have a key for the lock but the lock restoration company made one and the lock is now operational. The door has been patched to remove traces of other more recent locks. A good mortice which is not visible is also retained.

Hand printed Bradbury & Bradbury paper was selected for the vestibule. This is wallpaper as it used to be, screen printed in 17 colours. You even have to trim the edges yourself and it is not easy to hang!

This is the ceiling after it was redecorated. The lantern is a new but practical addition.

The encaustic tiles were restored (I can recommend KF Tile Restorer to clean & HG Golvpolish to seal).

The woodwork has all been restored and wood grained by hand. The security chain was moved to a more practical location.

Another view of the restored ceiling and cornice with the new lantern.